Greenchem Adblue 1000L IBC Gravity Fed

Greenchem Adblue 1000L IBC Gravity Fed

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£729.17 exc VAT

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1000L Greenchem Adblue IBC GRAVITY FED

  • Sold in 1,000ltr IBC
  • 32.5% solution of pure urea in de-mineralised water
  • Ready to use

GreenChem IBC systems can be equipped by gravity feed kit, bottom valve, CDS system and breathing system on the top. GreenChem offers special AdBlue® IBC with the possibility to integrate a manual or electrical pump. Combined with a manual or electrical pump, you get a great solution for 1000l of Adblue®4you!

One of the main advantages of our IBCs is that you can place it where you really need it.

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